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Episode 22
Forgiveness in the Family

Intro: Welcome to the Family Second Program
           Through our 4 Shells Connection and our Equip, Encounter, and Activate Network we want to welcome you, along with my beautiful wife, my Diva Divine, Divina, and the 4 Shells themselves, Isabella, Everette, Eva, and Dallas. We love you lots. And want to encourage you today through this program and network. So please share with everyone you know. You can also be encouraged through my blog at So, check that out after you listen. The reason I do this is to lift, build, and encourage the family unit God has created for a reason. I believe it’s through the Family we will begin and continue to heal this world. And I know there is dysfunction, strife, unforgiveness, a whole slew of things that the devil wants to destroy you and your family with. But, we must fight back. Start fighting back. It’s not easy. It’s hard. But your family is worth it.

One of these things the devil uses to destroy the family that I just mentioned is Unforgiveness. Through the program today we are going to learn first what Forgiveness is and who forgives us, and second, what are the bonds of unforgiveness that can destroy, not just families, but whole communities. So, with that in mind lets dive in today.

The Bible says in Colossians 3:13, “Make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, and you MUST forgive others.” We need to think of Forgiveness in terms of Reconciliation. So, we want to Reconcile not seek Revenge. Throw Revenge out the window. When you forgive, you are reconciling with that person. We also need to know that Forgiveness is made possible through Christ, who the Bible says Forgave us. Colossians 1:14 “He purchased our freedom and forgave our sins.” Forgiveness is a true act where one person releases another from an offense. Now let me explain. When you do this, you’re doing 3 things. Listen carefully so you know what you’re doing when you forgive. 1. You’re refusing to enact whatever penalty is due him or her. 2. You’re refusing to continue attention of the cause of whatever the offense was. 3. And you’re refusing to allow that offense to affect your relationship. Now, some of you might be saying, “2 out of 3 isn’t bad.” But we need to accomplish these if we want true forgiveness to happen. Because without true forgiveness Unity will never be accomplished. And that is where God wants to lead us. That is our goal as a family, and as the family of God.

What does this forgiveness do? It releases us from a sense of unresolved guilt, restores a clear conscience, and restores relationship. That’s what we need in our families today. Now, when we forgive we are not condoning the sin as acceptable. Nor are we saying it made no difference in our lives. And to forgive is not a license to repeat the offense. Forgiveness is a choice! It’s a decision made to no longer hold the offense against another person or group.

Now, what happens when we embrace unforgiveness, because when we do, we allow bonds to hold us captive. So, there is another word I want to associate with Forgiveness. That word is Deliverance. We need to be delivered, or released from oppression and captivity, if we are to see our Families restored. There is a passage I want you to read this week in Acts 8:4-25 that tells us about Philip preaching in Samaria and seeing many miracles happen. Well, a sorcerer named Simon was watching, and it says that he himself believed and was baptized. So, he began to follow Philip everywhere. Well, Peter and John heard what was going on and came to pray with the new believers for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Once Simon the Sorcerer saw them lay their hands on the people and receive the Holy Spirit, he wanted to purchase this power that he saw. Peter went on to rebuke him and asked him to repent. Please go back and read this passage and listen again so you can get everything God has for you.

Peter identified the basis of Simon’s sorcery. It was bitterness. Bitterness is the deepening effect of unforgiveness. It’s like poison. If we tolerate or embrace it, it may spread throughout and bind the soul, which will ultimately corrupt everything around it. In Simon’s case, his bitterness shaped his passion to control others, which motivated his quest to purchase the ability to impart the gift of the Holy Spirit. And here is the thing. I hope this speaks to some of you. He believed and was water baptized. But he allowed the residue of his past bondage to surface as he unworthily sought power to manipulate others for self-exalting purposes. How many are out there that are in church, know the bible, repented, and are still in bondage of unforgiveness because of bitterness or wanting to seek revenge? This episode points to one of the keys to deliverance from a bondage that is rooted in a believer’s soul, and that act is Forgiveness! Forgiving others from your heart flushes out the poison with the power of the cross. On the other hand, Unforgiveness can lead down paths we would never have imagined we would travel. Just read the God’s Word. It tells you plainly that unforgiveness will destroy your life. And isn’t that what the devil wants to do? To destroy you and your family. Realize today he wants to destroy it through bitterness, which is gained through unforgiveness. Spend time with God today, in that relationship one on one, and ask yourself the tough question. Am I holding on to something? Am I not forgiving, and through my unforgiveness, is bitterness is destroying me from within. You need to be set free today, not just for your sake, but for your family’s sake and the generations to come. And I love what I heard in church the other day. “Forgiveness is not difficult, It’s Impossible. That is why we need a loving Savior who nothing is impossible for to help us forgive.”

PRAY for the weight of unforgiveness to be lifted off family’s. Reconcile and Deliver Family’s, bringing Unity as we strive to reach our full potential.

1.    Sit down with God and ask Him if you are holding on and not Forgiving.
2.    Sit down with your Family and as a family see if any of you are not forgiving one another.
3.    Receive God’s supernatural grace, power, Love through your forgiveness towards one another. It will be like a heavy weight being lifted off you.

Thanks for listening
If you would like to give toward our Equip, Encounter, Activate Network, email me at . If you would like to be inspired go to my blog at and read some of those. We love all of you and our desire here at E,E,A Network is to see the weight of Unforgiveness be lifted off you and your family. It will truly set your family up for success when you learn about the power of Forgiveness. Let it set you free and set you up for greatness.
Throw your hands up!

This has been a Pshells, Diva Divine, 4 Shells Connection and remember that Connection is Key! Live to Give and Live to Connect Baby!

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