Originator of the Original

I love history. If I were to teach a class at a school, I would teach history. The element I love about history is learning and finding out how places, people, communities, and creations were formed to make what we have and see today. You can learn so much of how people thought, or how a group came into existence and fought to establish it's greatness among despair. The dangerous thing about history though, is sometimes we are destined to repeat it if we don't learn from it.

I also like learning about the creators, or inventors as we call them. People like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington Carver, and Lonnie George Johnson who invented the first Super Soaker water gun. We can even talk about the creators/inventors of today. People we might have heard about in the news like Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), and Mark Zukerberg (Facebook). The most popular and successful inventions today are not the handy work of one or two people, but rather a whole team.

One of the similarities of these inventors and their inventions, are they all built upon something that was already there. All they had to do was look for it and use their talents to bring it out. A lot of their work was original, and their hard work payed off so we can build upon them today. Did you know that the Originator of the Original has put gifts and talents in you. All you have to do is look for them and bring them out. It will take work, but your efforts will bring forth a masterpiece that will bless generations to come.

The Originator is the only one that has created something out of nothing. And from what I've seen so far in this life, He never creates junk. He has made you Original, Unique, Awesome. He formed you from the dust and has made you into a masterpiece. You Originally were made for Greatness. Start searching for it inside of you. Because that's where the Originator started.

"Becoming Awesome is not the same thing as becoming famous. Your Awesome should last more than 15 minutes." #beawesome #beunique #beoriginal

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