I want to Motivate you this week to seek an Encounter with the Holy Spirit. Through the power He gives you, you can make a difference in the lives of your family, and eventually the world. It's impossible in itself to try to make an impact on this world, but I believe if you start with your family, impact with the world will follow.

As a public speaker there are usually two main things I want to do before you leave my meeting. I want to Equip you, and I want to give you Activation points so you can go out and make a difference. I'm sure this is mainly what all public speakers want to do, besides entertain. But, I believe there is something missing.

It is impossible as a believer in Christ to live in this world without God's help. I can't forgive, serve, love, or even try to make a difference without Him. I think I'm safe when I say, it's impossible. But didn't Jesus say, "What is impossible for people is possible with God (Luke 18:27)." That is why God gave us His Spirit. Daily we need to ask for His Spirit to lead and guide us; to help us conquer what the devil wants to destroy us with, and what the world so happily has accepted and wants us to accept. An Encounter with the Holy Spirit is what we desperately need to Empower us to go out and make a difference.

This week I challenge you to ask for God's Holy Spirit. Equip yourself with the Word of God, Seek an Encounter with the Holy Spirit, then you can Activate what God has put inside you. Start Today!!  

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