Conduit vs Cul-de-sac

I would always dislike getting lost in neighborhoods with long streets that turned into a cul-de-sac. I thought I was getting ahead, but realized I had to turn around, go back, and find another way.

Without even realizing it, we've allowed ourselves to become cul-de-sacs with the gifts and talents we've received. Each one of us has something so great inside of us to give to others. But we've learned, either by this life or other people, to keep it to ourselves. So, everything we've received never goes out to bless someone else.

The world is waiting for people like you to rise up and spread Greatness. We can't do that if we are acting as a cul-de-sac. If you want to spread Greatness in this life, let me challenge you to start being a Conduit.

If you allow yourself to be a Conduit rather than a cul-de-sac with what you receive, you become a mechanism that spreads Greatness! 


conduit- a pipe, channel, or means of access.

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