Broken Irresponsibility

If you're wondering about the title, or if not, let me tell you what it means. Today we are going to break irresponsibility. There is a word, actually, that I get this meaning from. It's a word that if you look around the world today, a lot of us have missed it. A word that if we grab ahold of it, can change our families, thus change the world around us. That word is COMMITMENT.

As a communicator, teacher, and motivator I get to travel and see some of the irresponsibility that has plagued our communities, not just today, but for years. Now, I'm going to say something that you might disagree with, but give it a chance. I believe it's not what you have, it's who you have. It is through your Family that we will begin to heal this world. God created Family, your Family, for a purpose! 

You might be saying "my family is so screwed up, how are we going to begin to heal our communities and eventually the world". Believe me, my family has issues too, from extended family drama to my own faults in sometimes not stepping up as the spiritual leader and protector of my own house. Hopefully you agree with me when I say, "He's still working on me". I hope that applies to you too.  

The breakdown of the family is the single greatest cultural crisis that we face and probably the single greatest institutional breakdown because everything in society is counting on it. From the economy, to crime, to other social elements, they are all impacted when the family breaks down and is redefined. I believe that As The Family Goes, So Goes The Nation!

I'm going to leave you today with 5 areas of COMMITMENT that we need to know and grow in. Please, take this and discuss them with your spouse and your children. If it's just you, grow in these so you can spread them to a world desperate for answers. 

1. COMMITMENT is about Conviction not feelings!
2. COMMITMENT is not passive, but Active! Be COMMITTED with what's in your hand. 
3. COMMITMENT needs to be Spoken
4. COMMITMENT Swallows up the options!
5. COMMITMENT always bears Fruit! Build on COMMITMENT!

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