You have Purpose

You have purpose! I don't make that statement lightly. I don't even make it on a whim. I know this because of who I am and who lives in me. I've read what He has said about me and what He still says about me. That I have a purpose and a hope. So, I know you have a hope, a purpose, and a future. If it is taking a long time to believe that then know this; Unbelief will never embrace truth. 

Below is a picture of my family. My wife has purpose, and My kids have purpose. How do I know this? Because of what I am instilling in them today. Which means I'm not just impacting their now, but I realized how to impact their future, and the future of whomever they meet. I've shifted my thinking to make an eternal impact. I have an eternal purpose, and so do you. Make that shift today to make an eternal impact in your family.

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Thank You!

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