Tackle Your Negativity

I loved playing football. I even cried the last game I ever played in high school. Yes, this big football player was there just crying my eyes out knowing it was the end. Even though it was the end, there were some valuable lessons I took with me into this journey of life.

Practice was never the best part of playing football, especially in the Texas heat. But it did have its moments. One of those moments was the tackling drills. When you hear the word drill, it usually meant you did it over and over again. It was where one person would stand still while the other person ran toward him, burying the helmet into his chest and taking him to the ground. Sounds fun, right?!

There were some things you had to remember while tackling though. One, you had to take the right angle so you could put your helmet into the opponents chest. Then, you had to make sure you rapped your arms around him so you could take him to the ground. One without the other would not accomplish much. If you just used the helmet and didn't rap your arms around him, most likely he would bounce off and keep going. If you just used your arms (which we called arm tackling), the opponent would easily escape your grasp. You had to use both, together, to tackle him and effectively stop his progress.

This week I want you to effectively tackle the fear and negativity in your life. Negativity can keep you looking back, which keeps you from moving forward. But how do you get them to the ground. "Negativity has power", you might say. "And I always lose the battle over my fear of failing." I want you to remember this. "Negativity has power, but no authority. Don't let the negativity overpower the authority you have to say I can and will be great today."  It's an everyday battle that you face.

Jesus Christ has given you authority through Him. Use what He has given you to shift your thinking into the positive. Also, find people that will speak the positive into you. Together, you can effectively tackle the negative. And Together, you will stop the progress of your opponent (fear & negativity), to win in life. Once you get this opponent to the ground, you can stand over them with you hands raised in victory.

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