Know The Truth

Negativity and fear is like a gun that is not loaded. They can't hurt you once you've realized the authority you have over themBut a lot of us haven't realized it yet, so you walk around wallowing in self doubt and the pain someone else has placed on you. I am here today to announce, you no longer have to walk this way. You have the Authority over negativity, fear, and doubt. 

One of the ways we allow these to overcome us in life is we receive them as normal. They have plagued us for so long we see it as the norm. You were made with a PurposeNormal should be an illusion! You were called to be UniqueLive that Calling!

It's kind of like hitting the snooze button in the morning. You either think you have time, or it's just something you've always done. It's normal. Every time you allow negativity and fear to rule, you are hitting the snooze button in your life. Stop hitting the snooze button. Let Joy be your alarm clock and wake up knowing you can change things. 

Walk in Authority! Walk in Joy! Learn to even skip in them! Stop believing the illusion! Live Your Calling!

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