"I Floss to Succeed!"

I once heard someone say they are a success because they floss their teeth everyday. He said if a day goes by that he doesn't floss, which he added is not very often, he is not very successful. Now, I don't know about you, but once I heard this I thought it was crazy. How can flossing equate to success?

As I thought about it more........ and he explained himself, he was saying in essence that it's in the little things he choices to do that propel him to success. Flossing is something that betters your teeth, which in turn helps them to look good and healthy. Which in turn helps you feel good and healthy, producing more work and encouragement. Which in turn may make you smile more, which may make people feel better or loved. Which in turn encourages them to become all they were created to be. Which in turn they can encourage others. Which in turn.................. you get the point.

Some of you might say that's a stretch. But think of something you may have done to better yourself. Did it make an impact on others? I'm sure it did because bettering yourself usually has effects on others. As I thought about this more, I recognized how much the enemy doesn't want us to open our minds to the possibilities of all we were made to be. You were made with purpose inside of you.

It's an everyday, waking up, acknowledging God, and striving for the best in your life. Just think of all the negative that is produced everyday. You wake up with a since of purpose and ready to tackle what lays ahead, but half way to the bathroom your back goes out. If that didn't get you, next you find out you're out of toothpaste. Or, once you're finally ready you find out there are no more coffee filters to make coffee. Or, once you get in the car you find out there is no gas. Do you see the progression of negativity and disappointments that can come up during your day. If it's little things like this that can ruin your day, I believe it's the little things that can also make your day great (just like flossing).

What are you doing to turn your negative into a positive? Have you lost your Focus because of all the small negative elements surrounding you? I believe it's all about choice. A choice to Create Solutions instead of giving in to mediocrity. Be Creative, Excellent, Ingenious, Innovative, Productive, and Visionary today!! It's inside of you!!

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