I hope at the beginning of this week you took my advice and began to Focus on the important things around you. I also hope you started to be Intentional on what you Focus on. Before this week ends lets take Focusing to a Whole Nutha Level.

Years ago as a Youth Pastor in California, I would be invited to many graduation celebrations. On one such occasion I was asked to give an encouraging speech to the graduate. With only 5 minutes to prepare and praying I would be inspired by the Holy Spirit (which He always comes through), I began to formulate an acronym for the word Focus. This was my Focus on the Fly.

F: Family

O: Opportunity

C: Christ

U: Unity

S: Serve

F is for Family. Family is the people that will be there no matter what. Strive to set things right in your family first, and then the world will follow.

O is for Opportunity. Many Opportunities will arise in your life. Look for them and never miss those that bless God and others.

C is for Christ. He is the center of Focus. He is the one that should be the center of our life too. If He is the center, He will be all around us.

U is for Unity. Our primary love should be for Christ. If we are truly putting Him first, Unity with ourselves and others follow. Strive for Unity in your life.

S is for Serve. Jesus came as a servant. He reminded us that true greatness is measured in terms of service without thought of reward. Serve to be Great.

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