Don't Lose Focus

I noticed something after turning 40. My eyes began to lose focus and it was harder to read and see words. Some of you know what I'm talking about and would just tell me it comes with age. But it wasn't just my reading that suffered. When I would walk and look at people, it took a while to focus on who they were so I could give them a proper greeting. I would strain to adjust my eyes to the sun or shade and really look to see who they were. 

One of the things I realized is I have to be more intentional about looking people in the eye and focusing on who they are. I have many people come up to me to say hi, and it may take me a second to focus on them.  Sometimes it has become awkward when it takes me a little more than a second to realize who they are. 

You may relate to that, and you may not. But I have a question for you. What have you lost focus on in your life? Have you lost focus on family, friends, work, or even God? Has it become awkward with God or the people around you because it takes a little more time to focus

My prayer for you today and this week is that you find a way to be intentional about your focus on God and family. Sometimes that means you have to work harder to focus on what's important. All of that hard work will have eternal purpose. It all comes down to a choice.  Choosing life means being Intentional about what you Focus on! 

Focus on that this week!!

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