Adjust Your Antenna

I don't have cable TV. So, to watch local channels I have an antenna. Some people call them rabbit ears. I know some of you might say, "What is that?". If the channel is not clear or I'm not catching the certain channel I want, I have to adjust the (usually) two metal sticks that sit atop my TV.

At the beginning of this week we started off by Tackling negativity and fear. We found out that negativity has power but no authority. You have the authority to say I will be great today. Later this week we learned that normal is an illusion. You were made with Purpose! You were called to be Unique! Live that Calling! (If you need to go back and read the past blogs for encouragement, please do)

As you go forth this week I have one thing to say to you. If you're not getting the message,  Adjust Your Antenna! Start realizing today you have the authority to overcome negativity, fear, and doubt in your life. Speak and live the Purpose and Uniqueness you have inside you! And in the process, other people will fall in line. Family, friends, and even strangers will see your greatness and be encouraged. Adjust Your Antenna and start winning in life! #knowthetruth 

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